Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu



More than a brand, we’re a community, a family and a friend


We are always looking for community ambassadors that love yoga as much as we do and that represent our brand’s values. Our amazing team of ambassadors are passionate, loving, kind and influential yoga teachers who embody our mission of inspiring people to discover their full potential.
We want to know your story. Here are some simple points you need to know in order to apply:
  -      200+ hour certification
  -      Authentic engagement within the yoga community
  -      A clear and authentic voice in your social media
  -      Enjoying leading retreats, workshops and challenges directed to your local community.
  -      A sincere desire to continue learning and spreading the beautiful teachings of yoga.


It is our mission to support yoga teachers around the world. We have special prices for yoga teachers in all of our products. We have also created an online community platform called WIPRACTICE, where teachers can find a bigger audience to promote their classes and grow with us.
To apply to this program, teachers should have:
  -     200+ hour certification ( If you don’t have a certification but you’ve been teaching for many years and have a proof of that we’re more than happy to welcome you too)
  -     Teachers from all branches that surround yoga are also welcome. If you’re a photographer, a healer, a therapist, etc. and you’re also involved in the spiritual teachings of yoga, you can join our program.
  -     If you’re a WI follower, an advocate for natural and ECO products, or an activist for the environment send us a message to apply!


We have created a Talent affiliate program! If you want to use your talents to help make this world a better place for everyone, we would love to support you and make that dream a collective reality!

Whether you are a blogger, a designer, an artist, a photographer, or a videographer! We want to collaborate with you and create amazing projects that create consciousness! Turn your entrepreneurial spirit and passion into a partnership with us!

We have created a special platform for your blogs as well to share your content with a global audience! Share WIWORLDANDI with your readers / followers and earn a commission on referred sales.


We are looking for studios to collaborate! As one of our WIWORLDANDI distributors, you’ll get a special price for each product you sell. We’re looking for long term relationships with our partners. We’re building this brand based on community. To grow together and let everyone benefit from working as one big family!
Here are some simple points you need to know in order to apply:
  -     Name of your studio and location
  -     Social media and Website links
  -     A brief story of your studio
  -     Re-seller certificate


We are in the sunny Miami, Florida. Our team is created by a group of passionate yoga teachers who are looking for innovative ways to revolutionize the Yoga world and create products that are in line with our philosophy and that are not harmful to the planet.

If you want to join our team, we’re constantly looking for creative and heart driven people that can collaborate with us and help us make this dream a reality!

Check our current career opportunities and send us your CV.